Kick off Meeting

Project No:  2019-1-TR01-KA203-075715

Place : Edirne, Turkey

Project Title: Introduction of Agroheritage Concepts into Higher Education Agenda for Raising Awareness and Capacity of Future Agriculturists for Conservation of This Heritage

Kick-off Meeting Edirne

Within the scope of Agroheritage Project, the first transnational meeting was held on 13-14 of December 2019 in Edirne, Turkey. In the meeting hosted by Trakya University (Turkey), representatives from partner organizations

  • Joint Genomic Center Ltd) JGC,
  • EARD, and
  • APEC participated.

Yıldırım Ozkaya presented Erasmus+ rules and financial administration of the project.

The two-day meeting started with the opening by the host organization, they presented the agenda of the meeting to the participants. Following the opening of the meeting the coordinator presented the tasks that have been almost finished. A Facebook Page, Instagram account dedicated to the Project has already been taken. Prof. Dr. Yalçın Kaya offered to take Linkedin account for the project and all accepted. The logo suggestions were voted and the logo of the project was decided.

Banu Avcioglu from EARD

The Coordinator talked about the visibility rules and explained Logo usage in products. Banu Avcioglu from EARD presented the project overview. Because of the delay in signing Grant Aggreement of the project we have some delays. In this meeting all partners discussed the new situation and new dates and deadlines for the tasks were set.

At the end of the meeting, the certificates of attendance were given to all participants.